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Star Studded Evening


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  • Khandua Facts from GI (Geographical Indications) Document: Origin of Khandua traces back to 12th Century AD and it is closely associated with Lord Jagannath Temple rituals at Puri, Odisha.
  • Khandua is the Weave of the single largest cluster in Odisha at Nuapatna.
  • Here, 10,000 weavers are present with approximately 6000 looms.
  • The Weaves varieties are Nabarangi, Tarabali, Gitagobinda Bastra etc.
  • Common Motifs are Star, temple, conch, rudrakshya, fish, chakra, lotus, swan, peacock, parrot, deer, elephant, horse, lion etc. Nature truly is the origin of all designs.
  • Man is just an intelligent being, trying to decipher nature eternally and depicting it through various art.
  • Here, it is the best of single ikat! Single ikat means one out of warp and weft is tied and dyed prior to weaving, giving curvilinear ikat patterns par excellence in the finished weave!
  • ‘Tarabali’ is amongst the oldest khandua designs.
  • When the weavers looked for inspiration what to weave, they looked up and saw the stars and constellations.
  • They came up with this brilliant star studded weave called tarabali! The body is black and patali pleats in red is an added attraction! The red pallu is gorgeous too!
  • Length- 5.5metres, Breadth- 47 inches, Weight- 450 gm, Blouse piece- Not included in saree, Material: Pure Cotton (mercerised), Thread Count: 2/100 (warp), 2/100 (weft)


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