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Maala Bandha Ghagara Purple


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  • Sambalpuri Bandha Saree & Fabrics from GI (Geographical Indications) document says that Tie & Dye weaving in western Odisha came into existence during 600 BC.
  • In traditional handwoven ikat or baandha, one of warp/weft is tied and dyed prior to weaving (single ikat) or both warp and weft are tie-dyed before weaving (double ikat).
  • Weavers are distributed in Bargarh, Boudh, Sonepur, Bolangir, Nuapada & Sambalpur & some parts of Dhenkanal, Kalahandi, Sundargarh, Jharsuguda districts where Meher community reside.
  • For weaving, traditional pit loom with throw/fly shuttle technique is used.
  • Varieties are Sonepuri, Pasapali, Bomkai, Sachipar, Bichitrapuri, Bapta (Cotton & Silk mixed) etc, sarees.
  • Maala Bandha Ghagara sarees are made in Bargarh district by very poor SC/ST weavers.
  • They eke out a living by weaving these very simple, light-weight, humble, beautiful ikat sarees.
  • Maala means necklace. Ghagara means dotted lines. As there are bunches of dotted lines between main thicker necklace-like lines all over the body of saree, so it is called Maala Bandha Ghagara.
  • It comes in various colors, and this is a beautiful dark brinjal color. Weight- 535gm, Breadth- 45 inches, Length- 5.45m,
  • Blouse piece- Not included in saree, Material: Pure Cotton (mercerised), Thread Count: 2/100 (warp), 2/100 (weft)


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