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Candy Pink with Blueberry Love




  • Berhampuri Patta (Phoda Kumbha) Saree & Joda facts from GI (Geographical Indications) Document- Berhampur patta was introduced at Berhampur town in 14th century AD by the Mohuri Kings.
  • It is known as ‘Silk City’ for its pure silk weaves.
  • The weaving cost of product is 45% of total cost of production as 2 weavers are engaged per throw shuttle pit loom for weaving of Phoda Kumbha (Temple Spire) at border.
  • These sarees are popular for auspicious occasions like marriage, thread ceremonies, Lord Jagannath Temple festivals etc. Since 1980s, tie and dye anchal is introduced alongside traditional straight lines anchal (quintessential to Berhampuri Patta Saree).
  • Earlier there used to be over 500 weaving families of Berhampuri Pata (Silk).
  • However, now there are just about fifty weaving families remaining, who still carry on the Phoda Kumbha weaving, done with much precision and skill.
  • This candy pink with blueberry combo makes a signature style statement! Flaunt this with elan as you wear this piece of proud handloom heritage from Odisha!


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