The State of Odisha

The Land of Temples and awesome scenic beauty has a beautiful secret too-its earthy and beautiful indigenous arts and crafts that will light up your home. The beautiful coastal state of Odisha boasts of a varied range of arts, crafts and handlooms that have found favour all around the globe and are now widely sought after pieces of handicraft. Some of these are remnants of the ancient Kalinga culture that have remained unchanged for centuries.

Crafts like Applique works of Pipili, Patachitra of coastal areas, Silver filigree works of Cuttack, the ancient Dhokra crafts that are made through the lost wax method, puppets and masks, etc. The master craftsmen of Odisha have been since times immemorial been celebrated across the land for their craft and their fine pieces.

Now you too can get your own piece of Dhokra for your home or a famous appliqué piece for your office or that ethnic Sambalpuri sari that you always wanted without having to travel all the way to Odisha. Check out our varied and extensive collection of Odisha arts, crafts and handlooms that are created by masters of the crafts and are of the highest quality.

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